Music for the beginner student

Recently, one of my beginner level students asked about my bellydance music collection, and where I got it all.

Back when I started dancing about twelve years ago now, things (in particular online shopping) was a lot different and new dancers were pretty much limited to CD’s (and cassette tapes!) you could find locally. Specialty CD’s like bellydance music wasn’t exactly cheap, and often all you had available to  you as you made your purchasing choice was a picture on the front of the CD and some writing of song titles on the back (and often the writing was in Arabic, which I couldn’t read). At the time I was thankful that I discovered a music section in a local Arab grocery store, and for $4 each I could purchase cassette tapes. I would spend a good hour or so looking at the wall of cassette tapes and randomly trying to guess which ones I would like based on the picture on the front (which often had nothing to do with the music). I purchased some horrible stuff, but I also found some gems in my journey to discovering which types of music appealed to me the most.

Thankfully, times have changed and it is much easier for new bellydance students to access music.

My current favourite source for getting bellydance music is iTunes. A quick search using the term “bellydance” and you will literally find dozens of albums to choose from. Even better, you can preview the song before you make a purchase, so you have a pretty good idea of what you are buying.

I’m sure you will quickly discover albums and songs that you personally enjoy, but if you are looking for suggestions, here is a short list of bellydance album titles that I feel as great for beginner students to listen to as they include a lot of the famous traditional bellydance songs, and the recordings are of good quality.

The list (in no particular order) …..

  • Aziza Raks! The Passion of Bellydance (Various Artists)
  • 10 Songs Every Bellydancer Should Know (Various Artists)
  • On Fire! The Hottest Bellydance CD Ever (Various Artists)
  • The Masters of Bellydance Music (Various Artists)
  • Bellydance Connection (Various Artists)
  • From Cairo with Love (Zamalek Musicians)
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